“Childhood is the most enchanting chapter in life”.  At Tulsi Saplings, our foremost commitment is to nurture  childhood with an abundance of love, laughter and sheer delight. On Children’s Day, we go the extra mile to convey just how exceptional and cherished our kids are. The surroundings are transformed into a colourful wonderland, adorned with balloons and the students are greeted with warm, affectionate hugs. It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the pure spirit of childhood, allowing them to revel in the sheer joy of being young, carefree and deeply loved.


The resonating chants, vibrant rangoli, glowing diyas and the aroma of sweets all come together to create a joyous Diwali celebration at Tulsi Saplings. The young ones eagerly embrace the tradition of crafting colourful rangoli designs and illuminating the entire setting with radiant diyas. Their shimmering attire amplifies the festive ambiance, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. The children showcase their talents through dances and engage in various activities, all designed to capture the essence of one of our most beloved festivals. Diwali at Tulsi Saplings is a time of unity, culture and exuberance, making it a cherished and unforgettable celebration for all.


Dussehra, a time to triumph over darkness with light and greet each day with affection! Dussehra offers an ideal occasion to breathe life into the legendary tales of the Ramayana, allowing students to become acquainted with its stories, traditions and customs. Within the nurturing environment of our school, the young saplings transform into miniature Lord Ramas, embodying strength and determination as they vanquish the symbolic Ravana. Their triumphant return to Ayodhya mirrors the joyful victory of good over evil. Through these experiences, our students grasp the profound lesson that goodness and truthfulness are powerful tools that can overcome any adversity in life. Dussehra serves as a reminder of the timeless wisdom found in the epic narrative of Ramayana and encourages our little ones to embrace these values in their own lives.


Friendship Day is a beautiful reminder that it’s the friends we encounter on life’s path who enrich our journey. For our young students at Tulsi Saplings, their journey has just started and they’re blessed to have such amazing companions to share their precious moments with. On Friendship Day, these little bundles of joy fill the schools’ corridors with love, laughter and unity as they celebrate their adorable bonds. They exchange vibrant friendship bands, symbolising their affection for one another.


Gurupurab at Tulsi Saplings is a celebration filled with boundless enthusiasm and reverence. This auspicious occasion marks the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism and it is observed with great zeal within the school’s community.Special prayer sessions are held, where hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib are recited with devotion. We not only educate our students about the rich Sikh heritage and values but also fosters a sense of community, humility and respect for all religions and cultures. Gurupurab is a time when the school’s environment resonates with spirituality, making it a memorable and cherished event for all.


Pichkari ki dhar, gulal ki bauchar, apno ka pyar, yehi hai Holi ka tyohar!

Our adorable saplings eagerly anticipate the festivities of this joyous festival at school. They revel in the sheer delight of playing with fragrant and vivid floral colours, sharing laughter and warm “Happy Holi” greetings with their friends. Alongside the exuberance, we ensure they are well-informed about the necessary precautions to take during the celebration. Holi remains the most cherished and colourful festival for these young ones, leaving them with lasting memories of joy and togetherness.


Fostering a sense of patriotism in young hearts from an early age is undeniably pivotal in shaping them into exemplary and responsible citizens. Consequently, on Independence Day, the atmosphere becomes infused with national pride as the flag is ceremoniously unfurled and our youngest members sing patriotic melodies while imbibing the significance of this historic day in India’s journey towards freedom.


‘Hathi Ghoda Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki!’

At this special moment, Tulsi Saplings transform into a miniature Vrindavan, immersing itself in the divine play of Lord Krishna. The young children step into the enchanting roles of Lord Krishna and Radha, infusing a rich sense of tradition throughout the surroundings. They come together for a prayer ceremony, gently sway the adorned cradle of ‘Laddu Gopal’ and delightfully play flutes, showcasing their unmatched enthusiasm and devotion to the festivities.


India, a land of unity, where diverse languages converge and a proud flag symbolises its journey as a sovereign democratic ‘Republic.’ In honour of this remarkable nation, the youngest members of society come together to celebrate the essence of patriotism on Republic Day. 

During this special occasion, they not only deepen their reverence for the national flag but also joyfully chant the anthem in their adorable voices. The skies are adorned with the tri coloured flag and patriotic melodies resonate throughout the day, affirming that India is an incredibly vibrant and spirited place to call home.


Van Mahotsav is celebrated with great enthusiasm in our school campus every year. The day begins with a tree plantation drive where students and teachers join hands to plant saplings. Informative sessions are conducted to educate everyone about the importance of trees and their role in combating climate change. The school grounds are adorned with colourful posters and artwork created by our talented students. It is a day filled with eco-consciousness and a commitment to a greener future, a tradition we uphold annually.