Fee Structure

01. The fee charged will be on a quarterly basis, which includes the quarterly annual charges and tuition fee. The schedule for fee depositing is as follows:

Instalments Last Date of Deposit
1st Instalment 10th of April
2nd Instalment 10th of July
3rd Instalment 10th of October
4th Instalment 10th of January

3. Failure to pay the fee as per the schedule will result in a daily fine of Rs.10.

4. Cash payments will not be accepted at the school fee counter. Only Credit or Debit Card payments will be acknowledged.

5. The transport fee (if applicable) will be included in this receipt. For any fee adjustments or inquiries, please contact the school reception on any working day.

6. In case the last day for fee submission falls on a holiday, the following working day will be considered as the final deadline.

7. Partial fee payments will not be accommodated.

8. Junior Wing students (Nursery to 2nd) are required to deposit their fees in the Junior Wing, while students from classes 3rd to 12th should submit their fees in the Senior Wing.

Fee Regulations

We will implement a cashless and quarterly fee payment system.
Sr. No. Fee Schedule Due date of depositing fee (without fine) Last date for availing pre payment discount @ R 300/- on quarterly fee Mode of payment
In School In Bank
(a) First Quarter (April – June) 15 Apr 2023 31 Mar 2023    
(b) Second Quarter (July – Sep) 10 Jul 2023 15 Apr 2023    
        By Debit/ Credit card/ QR Code/ Payment through ERP App Cash (HDFC Bank)
(c) Third Quarter (Oct – Dec) 10 Oct 2023 10 Jul 2023
(d) Fourth Quarter (Jan – March) 10 Jan 2024 10 Oct 2023  
Cheque payment will be declined.

Late Fee Fine

If the fee is not paid by the designated schedule, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be imposed for both school fees and transport fees.

Other Payments

Parents will be responsible for covering the costs in the following situations

  1. Educational excursions (outside Ambala) or involvement in tournaments/competitions, etc.
  2. Rental of attire for cultural/annual events, etc.
  3. Charges for documents requested by parents such as Bonafide Certificate, Fee Certificate, D.O.B. Certificate, SLC, Character Certificate, etc.
  4. Fees required by the board for registration, examination, or any corrections, etc.
  5. Charges for lost fee folder/identity card/school diary/syllabus booklet.