Children are not permitted to bring ‘Mithai’ gifts or other items to distribute to their classmates on their birthday. Only toffees or similar treats costing less than Rs. 5/- are allowed. The school promotes the idea of students planting a sapling on their birthday. Parents are kindly requested to send a sapling so that their child can celebrate their birthday at school.

Parents are strongly advised against allowing their children to bring money to school.

There are multiple avenues for communicating with the school. The primary method is through the Almanac. Additionally, for individual discussions, please schedule a prior appointment and visit the school between 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on school working days to avoid any inconvenience.

Parents must provide written notification to the school or Administrative Office regarding any changes to their home address and telephone/mobile numbers.

”Prevention is better than cure’. it is recommended to label all of a student’s belongings with their name, class, and section.

Rest assured, if notified in advance, the Class Teacher will ensure that your child does not go hungry.

For leave requests lasting less than three days, parents can inform the class teacher through the Almanac. However, for longer leaves, an application needs to be submitted to both the class teacher and the Head of the school, with a phone call made to inform the Head. In the case of sickness or travel, supporting documents should accompany the application.

In the event of heavy rush hour traffic or unexpected congestion, the school bus may experience delays. If this happens, please contact the School/Administrative Office for further information.

No, absolutely not. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones or any similar devices to school.