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At Tulsi Public School, we believe that children are the future. And we believe that they should be empowered with the tools they need to become productive members of society. We offer our children activities and learning opportunities that encourage them to think for themselves, wonder, explore, experiment, make decisions and build on their knowledge through their own experiences.

We give equal importance to our children’s social development. For us, each child is an individual and our confidence in this belief fosters a sense of citizenship and personal responsibility in them. Our team of motivated staff, the availability of excellent learning resources and a very child-friendly environment makes all this possible. Our teacher enrichment programmes have helped our teachers to design exciting learning opportunities for our students.

We encourage a warm and open relationship with parents as we feel it is vital to the educational process. Together we can help our children grow and adapt in an ever changing world. We firmly believe that “Children are the prettiest flowers in God’s Garden.” And as parents and teachers we need to join hands to help them blossom.

Looking forward to utmost cooperation from your side.

Always in the service of children.

Ms. Rita Munjal

Director, Founder Principal