Annual Day at Tulsi Saplings is a jubilant celebration filled with enthusiasm and excitement. The stage comes alive with the vibrant energy of our students as they take us on a journey through their performances. From traditional dances that highlight our rich culture to thought-provoking skits that leave us pondering, every moment is a testament to their hard work and creativity.

The colourful costumes, seamless choreography and heartfelt acting leaves the audience in awe. Parents and teachers beam with pride as they witness the talents of the young performers. It is a day filled with joy and celebration which reminds us of the importance of nurturing creativity and talent in our little saplings.The Annual Day at Tulsi Saplings is truly a memorable event, which reminds us of the bright future these children hold.


CHRISTMAS is an exciting affair, at TULSI SAPLINGS, that brings a bagful of fun and excitement for everyone including children and adults. It is the event that manifests the budding charismatic fashionistas and dance performers in our prestigious school. With the Christmas Carnival fever all around, the Tulsians make it a December to Remember.

The whole atmosphere is painted by Christmas decorations, food stalls and thematic interiors. Caught in the whirl of fun and excitement, the visitors and the students at the Carnival enjoy the unlimited sprawl of exciting games and win many gifts.  It is the perfect destination for everyone to rekindle their bonds with so many exciting activities, lip-smacking food and non-stop foot tapping music.


Dance pe lo chance is a vibrant celebration of dance that brings together students of all age groups to showcase their remarkable talent. This much-anticipated event is not just limited to our school community; it’s open to the public, creating a platform for budding dancers to shine. With a diverse range of dance styles and performances that leave the audience in awe, Dance pe lo chance embodies the spirit of creativity and inclusivity, making it a must-attend event.


Our school hosts a delightful fashion show event, where the little stars take centre stage. This event is not just a school affair; it’s open to the public, providing a charming platform for our youngest talents to shine. The fashion show is a celebration of creativity and self-expression, as these young participants proudly display their unique styles and personalities. With a runway filled with tiny models and their big dreams, the event captures the hearts of both our school community and the wider public, making it a delightful annual tradition.


Graduation Ceremony is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say goodbye to everything that has given reason to smile. This day marks a truly momentous occasion in the lives of our little saplings as they graduate and step into a new chapter of their educational journey. The students receive their Graduation certificates from the dignitaries. On this day we celebrate not only the achievements of our little saplings but also the collective efforts of parents, teachers and students. It is a day of pride, gratitude and anticipation for the bright futures that await these young minds.


Mothers love  – a brilliant GEM to be treasured.

Mother’s Day -The day that recognises the essence of a mother is celebrated in high spirits and merriment at Tulsi Saplings.The main motive is to highlight the mothers of our little saplings feel special. The mothers have a splendid time in various fun games. The special attraction of the day is ‘Fashion Show’ in which the mothers participate with zeal.  It is a pleasure watching the super excited mothers on the ramp.To show the love and respect to their mothers, the young, enthusiastic and adorable tulsians come up with their presentation of dances to convey gratitude to their mothers for their unconditional love.


Learning by doing is a common theme in an experiential educational environment. That is because when students are engaged with their hands and their minds, they actually are more focused and motivated to learn. We organise Masti Ki Pathshala – Open Classroom Day in which the children showcase various hands-on activities in front of their parents.It is a golden opportunity for the parents to see their children learning in a play way manner. The parents are delighted to see their children answering the questions so confidently.


An enriching quiz is organised for junior classes almost every year. It is designed to expand students’ knowledge of their surroundings. This unique event goes beyond the classroom, as parents are encouraged to ask questions, evaluating their children’s comprehensive understanding. The quiz not only fosters active learning but also builds students’ confidence as they tackle diverse subjects. As the competition concludes, winning teams receive certificates, acknowledging their dedication and collaborative efforts.


Sports play a vital role in our life as it keeps us healthy, wealthy and active. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.Keeping this in mind Tulsi Saplings organises SPORTS DAY for the little saplings. It is a day filled with fervour and exhilaration, amidst thrills and cheers.It brings new energy in the heart and mind of every child. Different races are organised for the little saplings. The winners are felicitated with the medals and certificates. It builds sportsmanship, leadership, unity and competitive spirit among the students.