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Who else can be the representative of God than we, human beings. That is why he has hidden all his powers minuscule in all of us.

The seeds of success lie in the development of the hidden potential in a child and the characteristics that define his personality and create a fuller human being in him. They are- command over communication skills and mental arithmetic, sportsmanship and team spirit, keenness to learn and experiment, an ability to appreciate various sciences and arts and the tendency to acquire further knowledge of social etiquette further enhance his chances of success in today’s world.

To achieve this end, at Tulsi Public School, we have created a comprehensive infrastructure and combined it with an environment conducive to the development of each area of a child’s persona, to create a scientific attitude, a creative bent of mind and a sensitive human being in him. Our effort is to equip each child with the strength and skill to rise to the highest in whichever area of Endeavour he or she chooses to pursue and to make him, as our mission statement says, an ever-improving Total Quality Person so that he or can say with confidence.

”I am proud to be an Indian and a Tulsian.”

May your child rise higher and higher!

H.B. Munjal